1960 Mickey Mantle Sports Magazine cover image
1960 Mickey Mantle Sports Magazine cover image

Ozzie Sweet (1918-2013) passed away early this morning at his home, with his wife of 38 years, Diane, at his side. Ozz, we miss you already. Thank you for everything.  Posted on Facebook Larry Canale Jr.

Ozzie Sweet insipred me growing up through his great portraits and photography for Sport magazine.

Called the Babe Ruth of sports photography his work will live on forever….

1960 Mickey Mantle Sports Magazine cover image
1960 Mickey Mantle Sports Magazine cover image copyright Paul Plaine http://www.ballparkprints.com

Happy & Healthy New Year!

On the last day of the year while in my studio meeting with old advertising client on setting up a photo shoot of his Tiffany collection the mail came by. It was 5PM and he dropped off a package from my attorneys, after a year and half and much work the copyrights to my Ozzie Sweet images have finally been approved. When I originally purchased the Ozzie Sweet images from Sobeys auctions held in 2001 and 2002 they came with a signed instruments of copyright transfers. I had my then attorneys review them and was assured they were in order. Fast forward I get the book The Last Boy Mickey Mantle and in it is one of my Ozzie Sweet images and I find out the copyrights are not in order. So, my new years advise to everyone, assume nothing is what you think it is, and double-check everything…

Struggling, frustrated Bryce Harper to get the day off

On July 13,1951 a struggling 19 year all named Mickey Mantle was sent down by the Yankees to the Kansas City Blues minor league team. He called his father and told him “I don’t think I can play baseball anymore”. His father drove to see him that day and started packing  Mickey’s clothes and said “I thought I raised a man. I see I raised a coward instead. You can come back to Oklahoma and work the mines with me.” After 40 games in the minors the Yankees called Mickey up and the rest was history.

So lets give Bryce Harper  who’s only 19 some room. I think when all is said and done we’ll be taking about his baseball history in 20 years…