My early fascination with photography came through viewing the family albums with mom. The portraits of my grandparents were always my favorite.

In the 50s’ my Uncle, Sam had a Polaroid Land Camera that  I always remembered as both elegant and magical because you had the picture in your hand in an instant Polaroids were also very popular when I was in the Army you could send pictures home in letters in quickly.

Polaroid Land Instant Camera Model 95
Polaroid Land Instant Camera Model 95

The other hidden feature about Polaroid Cameras was the early models gave you control of the aperture and shutter, this was helpful when shooting studio setups with 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 view cameras sync the Polaroid first to check the shots lighting saved us time and money.

I have always loved the instant film concept and the look of polaroids. For some time now I have been looking on and off at instant camera’s on B&H website, and today I bought the Fuji Instax 300 with a lot film.

FujiFilm Instant Wide 300
FujiFilm Instax Wide 300

As the title of this blog says, ‘Photography Should Be Fun’ it’s always been fun to me, but have the ability to hand out that instant moment will be a bit more fun to share with friends and family.