Some say the Baseball season is too long, no way. Look at the current changes that have taken place in the Standings from first place to the wildcard. It just doesn’t happen in the NFL or the NBA.
For me, it is the fun days, and not the dog days of August. It is scoreboard watching at its best.

Original Yankee Stadium Scoreboard  October 1937
Original Yankee Stadium Scoreboard October 1937

Charles A. Weeghman owner of the Federal League team, Chicago Chi-Feds, played their home opener on April 23, 1914, in Weeghman Field In 1915 the Federal League folded. Weeghman then formed a syndicate including the chewing gum manufacturer William Wrigley Jr. to buy the Chicago Cubs from Charles P. Taft. The start of the 1916 season the Cubs moved from the West Side Grounds to Weeghman Field.  In 1926, the ballpark was renamed “Wrigley Field.” WrigleyFieldCubs1000-2 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-3 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-5 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-6 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-7 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-9 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-10 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-11 WrigleyFieldCubs1000-12

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