1960 Mickey Mantle Sports Magazine cover image
1960 Mickey Mantle Sports Magazine cover image copyright Paul Plaine http://www.ballparkprints.com

Happy & Healthy New Year!

On the last day of the year while in my studio meeting with old advertising client onĀ setting up a photo shoot of his Tiffany collection the mail came by. It was 5PM and he dropped off a package from my attorneys, after a year and half and much work the copyrights to my Ozzie Sweet images have finally been approved. When I originally purchased the Ozzie Sweet images from Sobeys auctions held in 2001 and 2002 they came with a signed instruments of copyright transfers. I had my then attorneys review them and was assured they were in order. Fast forward I get the book The Last Boy Mickey Mantle and in it is one of my Ozzie Sweet images and I find out the copyrights are not in order. So, my new years advise to everyone, assume nothing is what you think it is, and double-check everything…