Washington Senators 1971 Spring Training

Spring Training 2021 comes to an end on March 30, and the 2021 MLB season officially begins April 1, with the Yankees vs. Blue Jays at 1:05 at Yankee Stadium.

My archives are a series of Ozzie Sweet original film/pictures taken in 1971 at the Washington Senators Training camp. This year made it 50 years ago. Since 90-percent of those pictures have not been seen in public, I thought, time to share them. On March 22, I began posting pictures of Ozzie Sweets 1971, Washington Senators, photoshoot for Sport magazine on my Twitter page.

Why 1971? In February 1971, the Washington Senators spring-training camp opened, helmed by manager Ted Williams.

Ted Williams Ranked the fourth greatest ballplayer in the history of MLB

In camp is Curt Flood, who lost his challenge to baseball reserve clause in court. And Denny McLain, who broke baseball’s rules associating with gamblers.

Curt Flood, age 33, left the team 13 games into the season, never to play again. Denny McLain fought with Ted Williams all season, winning only 10-games, losing 22. By the age of 28, 1972 playing for two other teams, 2x Cy Young and 1x MVP, and last pitcher to win 30 games going 31-6 1n 1968, was out of baseball forever.

For more information:

Curt Flood https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2011/07/how-curt-flood-changed-baseball-and-killed-his-career-in-the-process/241783/

Denny McLain https://www.freep.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2018/09/06/1968-detroit-tigers-denny-mcclain/1195283002/

1922 The Yankees, who have been sharing the Polo Grounds with the Giants since 1913, begin construction on their own ballpark in the Bronx. The stadium will become known as the ‘House that Ruth Built,’ acknowledging the Babe’s popularity and influence.   Visit   http://www.ballparkprints.com   see over 25 additional images from 1921 to 1937 the building of Yankee Stadium

May 31, 1922 Ballpark Prints Yankee Stadium www.ballparkprints .com
May 31, 1922 Ballpark Prints Yankee Stadium http://www.ballparkprints .com

 June 13, 1922 Ballpark Prints Yankee Stadium  www.ballparkprints.com
June 13, 1922 Ballpark Prints Yankee Stadium

Art Kane
Art Kane

 http://www.harlem.org/ click and scan the image for names of the jazz graets in this iconic photograph
click on the link  to scan the image for names of the jazz greats in this iconic photograph

Of the first three photographers, I highlighted two I meet and worked with, Ernst Hass and Dan Budnik at Frenchy’s Color Lab in NYC. Frenchy’s and there was a Frenchy who was one of those bigger than life characters  he came to New York from France around 1947-48 and started working in the New York as a motorcycle messenger.  In 1969  Frenchy opened Frenchy’s Color Lab  and it quickly  became one of the top two Dye Transfer printing houses in the world.

I graduated from the Germain School of Photography in the spring of 1971 and started working as a studio freelance assistant photographer doing lighting set-ups, loading film, developing film sometimes, printing and whatever else needed to be done in the course of a day that started before 8AM and usually ending late at night for about $20.00 a day. I loved it, and never thought of it has work.

One of the photographers I encountered (1971) was Art Kane someone whose work I admired. That same year 1971 late summer I got a job at Frenchy’s, because the guy in front of me wanted $105 and I accepted $100 per week. It was a life changing and over time will expand. Around 1977 Art Kane walked in, he knew Frenchy and was now looking to get back in the business and get  his career on track again. Over the next five years, I would see Art Kane, and we have lunch, and  dinners while working together.

Art Kane was originally going to be the first photographer for these weekend blogs but as I read up on him I realized how personal it was to me knowing him as I did. When rereading his New York Times obituary stopped me cold again the same way it did in 1995.

The Who
The Who

Young Bob Dylan
Young Bob Dylan

Art Kane 1961

Louie Armstrong Life This image one of the few Dye Transfer prints I requested and still have
Louie Armstrong Life
This image one of the few Dye Transfer prints I requested and still have