This weekend MLB released two statements on expanding the number of playoff teams. First just that they will expand the number of teams in the playoffs, then they would do this year. Wow they’re moving fast!

This is OK, but before you start adding teams think about fixing things like:

The full season schedule, shorter season.

Inter-league play.

The DH (I like it).

The All-Star Game more players get rid of the wining teams league get home field advantage in the World Series.

Realignment (for now) maybe 5 division 6 teams,

The number of teams in the playoffs

The playoff schedule giving the teams that won their division an advantage (more home games).

Then down the road think about adding two more teams four 8-team divisions (the perfect number).

These are just a few of the changes from my list I believe the game needs to explore.

MLB put the time into thinking about making this great game even greater