MLB 2013, what …

MLB 2013, what will team schedules look like?  I don’t know but what I think will take place is MLB will want to add two more teams. Why, will allow MLB to create, 4-8 team divisions then cut the number of game back to 154. Then the season can end around the 20th of September, increase the playoffs to 3 rounds then play the World Series. This will increase the TV contract money and make-up what the owners will lose playing 7 less regular home games. 

Round 1

4-second place teams play the 4 next best records. Best of 3

No off day for travel, makes winning the division very important

Round 2

4- first place teams play the winning teams, best 4 out 7

Only one travel day built in.

Round 3

The 4 remaining teams. Best of 7

Ony one travel day built in.

 World Series

Would like the World Series play day games on the weekend

 I’m for less playoffs but could see something like this happening


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