!973 and the DH

On this day in 1973 at Fenway Park, Yankees’ Ron Blomberg becomes the first designated hitter in major league history. In the historic plate appearance, the first DH draws a first-inning walk off Luis Tiant in the 15-5 Red Sox rout of the Bronx Bombers. This from Nationalpastime.com! I have such a clear day of this , 1973 was the last season at old Yankee Stadium and I had tickets for my first opening day. It was the beginning of  returning  passion of baseball (more about this in future blogs)

I was working in NYC at a famous custom photography lab called Frenchy’s Color Lab, was in my studio suite working, I had a radio with me  tuned into the game because I was excited about the coming season and to hear history , the first DH. I’ve always been a fan of the DH. By the end of 1973 because of a contribution I made to the Baseball Hall of Fame after my first visit I received a free life time pass 1973 I remember well!

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