Rookie Seasons Mays, Mantle, Trout Harper

I started thinking that their was an interesting similarly between 1951 rookie baseball season of Mays 20 and Mantle 19 and the 2012 rookie season of Trout 20, and Harper 19. Looking at the 1951 season as I decided to track and compare there seasons day by day I noticed that the calendar matches exactly 2012s’.
If were lucky the careers of Tout and Harper will be as successful as Mays and Mantle.
Friday July 13 1951
Mantle batted leadoff 1-5 3Ks’ BA 260
Mays batted 6th 1-4 1-Run Scored BA 277

Friday July 13 2012
Trout batting leadoff 2-4 2-Runs Scored BA 344
Harper batting 2nd 1-5 1-Run Scored 281BA

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