Hank Aaron, Happy Birthday

Today we celebrated Henry Hank Aaron 80th birthday.

The first game I ever took my wife to was a Brave, Mets game at Shea Stadium in 1970 to see Hank Aaron. At that time the media were starting the buzz can he break Ruth’s 714 home run record? We also went to the last game he ever played in New York at Yankee Stadium, then a Milwaukee Brewer. He played only in the middle game of 3 game series and got a hit in his final plate appearance. The Brewers had announced that would be the only game he would appear in. For me, that was a no brainier who would not want to see one of the greatest players of all-time for the last time? In his 4th and final plate appearance he flied out as he rounded the bases heading to the dugout wave to the crowd he was given one more standing ovation. In my archives, I have a series of shots from his final at bat in NY, and coming off the field, and waving to fans. It did not stop until he came out of the dugout for one final appearance. It is one of those special moments you store away, and on a special day like today it makes me feel connected to Henry Hank Aaron…

Happy Birthday Hank Aaron!

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