A Rose By Any Other Name

While reading Nationalpastime.com, this caught my eye.

2006 after deliberating for a little more than four hours, a jury rules the Angels did not breach a contract with the city of Anaheim when the ball club changed its name. Thirteen months ago the team known as the Anaheim Angels became the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim prompting the city where it plays to file a lawsuit, claiming the change in name amounted to at least $100 million in lost revenue. (http://www.nationalpastime.com/)

Then I wondered how many times the team located in Anaheim changed its name? A hundred years ago it was common practice for teams to change its name. Today it is the ballparks that are getting there names changed almost yearly. Listed below are the names the Angels have used, I like Anaheim Angles…

  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (808-650 W-L, 2005 – 2013) – 4 Playoff Appearances
  • Anaheim Angels (664-632 W-L, 1997 – 2004) – 1 World Championship, 1 Pennant, and 2 Playoff Appearances
  • California Angels (2440-2616 W-L, 1965 – 1996) – 3 Playoff Appearances
  • Los Angeles Angels (308-338 W-L, 1961 – 1964)
  • Overall (4220-4236 W-L, 1961 – 2013) – 1 World Championship, 1 Pennant, and 9 Playoff Appearances
  • From Baseball Reference

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