This Weeks ” The Weekend Photographers Corner” Philippe Halsman

Three weeks ago on my twitter page ( ) I created “The Weekend Photographers Corner.” The first two photographers  I selected Ernst Hass, and Dan Budnik  

Last Sunday I selected Philippe Halsman  1906 -1979   as this weeks photographer who’s work is amazing, and as fresh today as was when he created in his studio, on location, and the darkroom..

This week while watching Jeopardy April 16, one of the categories was “Staff of Life and the $1600  question:

1954 Philippe Halsman Snapped This Carmen Jones Actress, The First Black Woman On A Life Cover

I was surprised to see his name no even tried to answer the question and I knew I pick was the right one for this weekend

The answer is to the question is one of these images…..

Enjoy, and seek out more of his work, Ernst Hass, Dan Budnik and I hope you join me next week for ??????

Philippe Halsman halsman3 il_570xN.210566602 images-1 images-2 images imgres-1 imgres-2 imgres-3 jumpology-4 PAR87777 Philippe-Halsman-fotography-7 Philippe-Halsman7 Salvador_Dali_A_(Dali_Atomicus)_09633u tumblr_m51b89jnCo1rw3fqbo1_1280-1 tumblr_m554x8fSyV1rw3fqbo1_1280

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