Marilyn Monroe, and Me


June 1, is Marlyn Monroe’s birthday and would have been 88 today. Earlier this week in The Huffington Post was this story:

“12 Famous People Who Really Made The Most Out Of Their Last Words ” By Shelley Emling.

The second famous quote, was said by Joe DiMaggio,“I finally get to see Marilyn.” speaking of his former love Marilyn Monroe. DiMaggio died in 1999 following a battle with lung cancer. At his bedside was his attorney, Morris Engelberg, who told Vanity Fair magazine that the Yankee great never got over Monroe’s death from an apparent drug overdose in 1962.

Late in the afternoon  in 1982, I got a call from Hy of Hy Zazula Studio and asked me to wait for a call from him to meet at his studio. The call comes late,  and when I arrive  his son David is there also and before going into the work area they say I cannot talk about what we will be working on. I enter the work area and covering a large light table are chromes of Marilyn Monroe; we then study the selects to create the budget for approval. The next morning I meet with HY before 9AM, and  give him my final numbers, and within a day we started working on the prints for the book, Marilyn Monroe The Last Sitting
Every now than I run across a 20 x 24 limited edition Print of Marilyn Monroe in an art gallery or auction house and it reminds me of how I met Marilyn Monroe…
Happy Birthday Marilyn!


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