Road Trip

Three weeks ago we started out on our cross-country trip. The first nights stop Dublin Ohio, then on to St, Charles, Missouri. The first stop on the original cross-country trip by Lewis & Clark. Nestled along the Missouri River it retains its small town feeling.

Planning trips, we like taking different routes and finding places to see, with Abilene Kansas, being one of those spots. It is his boyhood President Eisenhower and his Presidential Library and Museum. Eisenhower was one of the most influential men of the 20th Century, and even with its out-of-the-location it is worth and afternoon. From there we drove to Salina only 29 miles away. In Salina, we had ribs at Tucson Steakhouse. I am not a foodie, but those ribs were as good as any we have eaten in Memphis, and Kansas City.

Leaving the middle of the country, you also leave behind cheap gas prices, the low was $2.11 with the high being $2.49

Our other stops included Denver, Park City, Reno and Sacramento.
In western Kansas, you start to see drought that’s gripped the west in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California. Since 2009, this is our fourth road trip to the west coast, seeing how dry and dusty it is sad. We like California and know it’s it dry at this time of the year, but seeing the dry riverbeds, is sobering.

Months ago we booked a VRBO for 26 days in Sausalito it’s lovely. They are however suffering though there worst heatwave in memory. The establishments out here do not have air conditioning; a few more summer like this and that may change. Even the locals are wearing shorts. The forecast starting this weekend looks like the temperatures¬†returning to normal.

BallpatkPrints_ Sausalito_

Today about 4:20 am the foghorns could be heard, it has been awhile, it must have seemed like music to the locals.


As I stated, this is our fourth trip to San Francisco and do think I could remember businesses close early, and the last ferry out of San Francisco to Sausalito is 7:55 pm. Now it will require a few extra trips driving on the Golden Gate Bridge. A good thing I did get Fastrak.



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