Gene Conley A Sports Legend And Character

Gene Conley passed away July 5 at the age of 86.  Across the country, people will read about his winning championships with the Celtics and the World Series with Braves. But what I remember most about him is this:

• Conley and his good friend Pumpsie Green, best known for being the first black player in the history of the Red Sox, left the bus to use the bathroom. When they returned, the bus was gone, leaving the two ballplayers on their own.

After they determined that they would just disappear, passing the time at the local bar. While Green would return to the team the next day, Conley decided to remain on his own, checking into the Waldorf. There, watching the local news, he learned that people were looking for him. Thinking that the situation was amusing, he remained in his hotel or at Toot’s Shor, drinking be

ballparkprints-Gene Conley

Over the course of his time away from the Red Sox, Conley decided that he wanted to go to Israel. As such, he went to Idlewild International Airport, where he attempted to board an airplane with neither a passport nor luggage. Spotted by a reporter for the New York Post, Conley returned to Boston.

• David Hill  Call to The Pen June 2016

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