Rear Window

Seventeen Days at home, keeping busy with a variety of daily projects, organizing closets, going through boxes from our move five years ago, calling friends and family, emailing, and texting. Also tweeting a lot of baseball information. I have also not been watching TV too much, about two hours a night, and only a fraction of that time do I tune in to the news. I get most of my news reading various newspapers I subscribe to and various internet new links.

The popular talk seems to be pointing towards another four weeks of hunkering down. With that in mind, I started going through DVDs, looking at my Amazon Prime, and Fios on Demand. Lot’s of choices. 

I have a set of movies that I look at every year. They never get old. But with all this time being home today started thinking what I should watch to fill in the days ahead. I started thinking maybe create themes. I watch Ground Hog Day every year, and I got the feeling I’m in my own Ground Hog Day movie. It will be a while before I watch it again.  

What should I watch tomorrow? I asked myself? Having been inside except for that all-important grocery run, I thought escape movies.

I started making a list, and exclude Shawshank Redemption. We travel a lot, and on our way to Spring Training and back home, Shawshank seems to be on every night. 

 I decided to go deep diving to make my list:

The Man in the Iron Mask

The Count of Monte Cristo

I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang


The Great Escape

Escape from New York

Cool Hand Luke


Empire of the Sun

Stalag 17

Stir Crazy

As I created my list that is too long to write here, all this escape stuff depressed me. The only escape movie I decided to watch is Stir Crazy.

Going through this process, I realized there is a movie I enjoy and have not watched in years. The last time I had seen it was at East Side movie theater in New York City near the Roosevelt Tram. Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

Like Jim Stewart, it’s how I fill in parts of my day, sitting in a chair watching the daily action from my window.

Overlooking the The Bronx River Park

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