Yankees 1961 Season

Sixty years ago, the New York Yankees were on the eve of a new season. Last year on Twitter, I covered Babe Ruth’s first season with the Yankees, 1920, through The New York Times——Time Machine—— Archives. I heard from many how much they enjoyed reading daily articles. It was historic not only because of the home run chase of Babe Ruth’s home run record but also a battle for first place between the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees.

*That positive feedback inspired me to cover the 1961 season.

The 1961 baseball season was the start of expansion in MLB, first the American League was expanding to ten teams. A new team in Washington D.C. replacing the original franchise that relocated to Minnesota and is now known as the Twins. The other new addition is the Los Angeles Angels, the first west coast team in the AL. Another change is the 154 game schedule is now going to 162. The newly expanded schedule had already started many debates surrounding one recorded, Babe Ruth’s 1927 60 home runs in 154 games.
On April 10, 1961, the season of change in the AL started. With the Chicago White Sox defeating the (new) Washington Senators.

**April 11, 1961, The New York Time full page coverage.

Tomorrow April 11, the Yankees home opener vs.Minnesota Twins.
*Every morning, I read 1961, The New York Time sports coverage. I then prepare the articles for capture and create my Twitter posts.
** When I looked at the Times sports page today, I thought the full page deserved to be shared. Unlike last year I will add from time to time an extra element, the entire page.

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