Black & White

A night game at San Francisco AT&T Park in Black & White. When I started in photography, all I could afford to shot was Black & White. A few years ago, I dusted off my Nikon F5 and started reshooting film. At first, I shot 35mm color slides, then next, color negative film, and finally Black & White negative film. Of course, slide and film processing was an issue that ironically was solved next door to the building where I worked from 1971 – 1993. Now, this particular picture was originally in color. I discard it for one reason the color balance was not appealing, the shot had no drama.
Shooting film and digital have reenergized my thinking of looking at shots and rethinking how I want them to look. My approach to pigment-ink printing has always been to recreate the color of Kodachrome. Now, I will again think of Silver Highlight Black & White prints.

Night Game AT&T Park San Francisco California

P.S. For Sale

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