Wear a Helmet Riding Your Bicycle

After the extreme heat, we had last week, we headed out for a lovely walk this morning. The temperature was 68°, the humidity was 51%. Mixed in with the walkers are the bicyclist. I am also a bicyclist.
As an adult bicyclist, I understand the rules, unlike growing up in the 1950s.
So, bikers put a bell on the handlebars, slow down, say on your left, and wear a helmet! August 2019, I’m riding on the Bronx River Park path. I’m slowing down as I see a walker off in the distance. As I veer left, the walker veered left. I veered further left, and he also does, and now he’s directly in my way. He and an older person so I crashed my bike. I hurt myself, but it would have been far worst if I was not wearing my helmet. My head hit the pavement and snapped up, and my head hit the pavement again. I do not want to think about where I would be today if I did not have a helmet on.

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