The Last Nergro League Game August 20, 1961

The Negro Leagues East, West All-Star game was played at Yankee Stadium 60 years ago on August 20, 1961, and is considered by baseball historians the final game of the Negro Leagues.
It was an all-star contest of players selected from East and West teams. The Improved Benevolent Protected Order of Elks sponsored the game, which was having its national convention in New York. More than 30,000 members attended the convention, only 7,245 fans were at the game.

The New York Times August 20, 1961
Tne New York Time August 21, 1961

Through the New York Times —Time Machine archives, I have been re-telling that season on my Twitter page.
On August 14, 1961, John Drebinger, The Sports Of The Times, wrote of the Negro League All-Star game coming to Yankee Stadium on August 20. The players will be selected from the last four Negro American League teams. The last four teams are the Kansas City Monarchs, Detroit Stars, Birmingham Black Barons, and Raleigh Tigers. They play everywhere, keep old minor league ballparks alive.
Discovering Negro League All-Star scheduled game at Yankee Stadium was the last Nergo League game played, I searched through Google and Newspaper Archives for additional information about the All-Star game, to no avail.

The New York Times August 14, 1961

Leading up to the All-Star game The New York Times published Satchel Paige interview on pitching to hitters. Some who ate very famous

The New York Times August 17, 1961

Note: This was originally scheduled to post August 20, 2021. Do to an unforseen event I was not able to meet that schedule. Paul Plaine

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