61 in 61

1961 is my favorite New York Yankees baseball season, Mantle, Maris home run chase, and Detroit Tigers battling the Yankees for first place. I followed the 1998 Sosa, McQuire home run chase ending with McGuire hitting 70, and Bonds in 2001, hitting 73, home run seasons. Now we have Aaron Judge chasing all of them.

It’s August 1, the start of “The Dog Days.” On this day in 1961, the Yankees had played 102 games, and Roger Maris was sitting on 40 home runs.

July 31, 2022, the Yankees just played game 103, and Aaron Judge hit home run number 42.

The talk is whether Aaron Judge will match or surpass Roger Maris 61 in 61.

Today’s question: Is 61 in 61 the defacto home run record?

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