David McCullough

David McCullough’s family announced today that he passed away yesterday August 7th.

My work had me out of the studio daily. I would dash from Ad Agency to Ad Agency and other clients that populated the world of media. Mid-town Manhattan is a small city of these companies and people like myself that service them. I often found myself standing next to a well-known person on any given day. One such day it was David McCullough with his wife on 43rd and Madison Ave. I was waiting for the walk sign (I did not dash between moving traffic). David McCullough and his wife came up next to me. Generally, I never spoke to anyone. But, during this encounter, I did. I have just finished reading his latest book, Truman. I loved it like so many of his books, but the Truman book I especially enjoyed. I slightly turned to him and his wife and said I admire your work. He glanced back and said, “ThankYou.” The walk sign appeared, and like all New Yorkers, I quickly dashed off.

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