Hilltop Park


Following the 1902 season, under the new ownership of Frank Farrell and Bill Devery, the American League Baltimore franchise was moved to Manhattan. The team then became known as the New York Highlanders. Their first home ballpark, which was built in six weeks, received its name, Hilltop Park, because it was situated on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson River. It opened on April 30, 1903, with the Highlanders winning 6-2 over Washington. The final game at Hilltop Park is played on October 5, 1912.  In 1913 the team began playing in the Polo Grounds and were now known as the New York Yankees. Hilltop Park’s original location was at West 168th Street, Fort Washington Avenue, 165th Street, and Broadway in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. It was demolished in 1914 and is now the site of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.


Arrived yesterday in Winter Park Florida checked into The Alfond Inn (new and very nice surprise) dropped off our bags grabbed my camera equipment and dashed-off to the Braves spring training home ballpark. The Braves were playing the Nationals who have new rookie manager Matt Williams. Within the game,  two plays stand out. The Nationals had runners on first and third base with one out, and Matt Williams pulled an old Billy Martin move, sending the runner on first base to have him caught in a rundown and the runner on third base breaks for home, the play worked with the runner scoring. The second play came late in the game , with the score tied 4-4 no outs, and the bases loaded Matt Williams moved one of his outfielders to the infield creating 5-infielders with three fielder on the left side the batter hit a lined out to the left side of the infield, but the next batter crushed one to a vacant right field, clearing the bases with a with a triple,  and the score  was now 7 to 4. I liked that Matt Williams a rookie manager of a team that’s expected to win its division was not afraid to try out some plays. After all,  it is spring training for managers also, experiment a little,  and it is fun for the fans also….

Earlier today I posted a link to Jayson Stark’s Blog on “Inching towards collision ban.more replay” little did I expect this announcement: MLB clubs unanimously approved expansion of instant replay. MajorLeague umps will serve as replay officials, who will make final call; All replays may be shown in-park…


Two stories from yesterday:

Manny Ramirez 41 wants to return to Major League Baseball:

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 Johnny Damon 40 still has not closed the door on his Major League Baseball career:


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On this day in 1974 Rheingold Beer announces it will close its Brooklyn-based plant. As a result, the brewery will be forced to end its 13-year relationship with the Mets as the team’s primary radio-TV sponsor.

This was my dad’s beer, and it got me into trouble big time once. Not because I was drinking under-age but because that empty bottle was worth a nickel. In the late 1950’s, the summer, I was 10 years old I started saving my allowance to buy tickets, to sit in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium, price of admission fifty-cents. One-time I needed one more nickel for a ticket and, sitting in the refrigerator was dad’s almost full quart bottle of Rheingold beer. Thinking dad would not notice I poured it down the drain and with that nickel in hand off to the game I went. That night at dinner dad asked “what happened to his beer”, mom did not drink beer, my older brother was at camp, and my sister was eight. Knowing I was in trouble I confessed that I poured it out for the deposit on the bottle. Next came “why”, and my answer only made it worst I needed to buy a ticket to see the Yankees. Dad always a calm man, told me I was too young to be going to Yankee Stadium alone, pulled my allowance of 25-cents a week for the remainder of the summer.Image