New York Highlanders Hilltop Park Opened On This Day in 1903


Hilltop Park


Following the 1902 season, under the new ownership of Frank Farrell and Bill Devery, the American League Baltimore franchise was moved to Manhattan. The team then became known as the New York Highlanders. Their first home ballpark, which was built in six weeks, received its name, Hilltop Park, because it was situated on top of a hill overlooking the Hudson River. It opened on April 30, 1903, with the Highlanders winning 6-2 over Washington. The final game at Hilltop Park is played on October 5, 1912.  In 1913 the team began playing in the Polo Grounds and were now known as the New York Yankees. Hilltop Park’s original location was at West 168th Street, Fort Washington Avenue, 165th Street, and Broadway in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. It was demolished in 1914 and is now the site of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.


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