Tonight at 6 pm we learn who the BBWAA 2017 inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame will be. These two players like so many in recent years have not been getting the support they deserved. That can be said of many of the names on the ballot, and those who did not get the required 5% of the votes needed stay on the ballot. But that’s a discussion for another day. Let’s hope these two player and a few more get those calls tonight.

Tim Raines Major League Baseball Player from 1979-2002
Tim Raines Montreal Expos



Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros
Jeff Bagwell, Houston Astros

Now waiting on the announcement, live from the Hall of Fame:

Congratulations To

Jeff Bagwell

Tim Raines

Ivan Rodriguez




It’s that time of the year when we make New Year resolutions. I always try to think of something that’s a self-improvement that becomes part of my life, i.e. like making the bed every morning before I head out to my studio. Last year’s resolutions were each month to make one new meal that we never did before and to blog once a week. Well, we had 12 exciting new dinner meals, on the blogging front I started off strong but because of  other commitments I trailed off. So this year I will recommit myself to first blogging on a regular base and expand from their.


If I had a Vote


Player                     Vote                        Year

†Rich Aurilia                                             1st

Jeff Bagwell                 √                            5th

Craig Biggio               √                             3rd

Barry Bonds               √                             3rd

†Aaron Boone                                             1st

†Tony Clark                                                1st

Roger Clemens            √                            3rd

†Carlos Delgado                                          1st

†Jermaine Dye                                             1st

†Darin Erstad                                               1st

†Cliff Floyd                                                   1st

†Nomar Garciaparra                                   1st

†Brian Giles                                                  1st

†Tom Gordon                                               1st

†Eddie Guardado                                          1st

†Randy Johnson                  √                       1st

Jeff Kent                                                        2nd

Edgar Martínez                                             6th

†Pedro Martínez                √                         1st

Don Mattingly                                              15th

Fred McGriff                                                  6th

Mark McGwire                                              9th

Mike Mussina                    √                         2nd

†Troy Percival                                                 1st

Mike Piazza                        √                           3rd

Tim Raines                          √                          8th

Curt Schilling                                                  3rd

†Jason Schmidt                                                1st

†Gary Sheffield                                                1st

Lee Smith                                                        13th

†John Smoltz                      √                           1st

Sammy Sosa                                                     3rd

Alan Trammell                                               14th

Larry Walker                                                     5th

Tomorrow at 1pm we will find out how the BBWAA  voted