New Year and My Hall of Fame Ballot

It’s that time of the year when we make New Year resolutions. I always try to think of something that’s a self-improvement that becomes part of my life, i.e. like making the bed every morning before I head out to my studio. Last year’s resolutions were each month to make one new meal that we never did before and to blog once a week. Well, we had 12 exciting new dinner meals, on the blogging front I started off strong but because of  other commitments I trailed off. So this year I will recommit myself to first blogging on a regular base and expand from their.


If I had a Vote


Player                     Vote                        Year

†Rich Aurilia                                             1st

Jeff Bagwell                 √                            5th

Craig Biggio               √                             3rd

Barry Bonds               √                             3rd

†Aaron Boone                                             1st

†Tony Clark                                                1st

Roger Clemens            √                            3rd

†Carlos Delgado                                          1st

†Jermaine Dye                                             1st

†Darin Erstad                                               1st

†Cliff Floyd                                                   1st

†Nomar Garciaparra                                   1st

†Brian Giles                                                  1st

†Tom Gordon                                               1st

†Eddie Guardado                                          1st

†Randy Johnson                  √                       1st

Jeff Kent                                                        2nd

Edgar Martínez                                             6th

†Pedro Martínez                √                         1st

Don Mattingly                                              15th

Fred McGriff                                                  6th

Mark McGwire                                              9th

Mike Mussina                    √                         2nd

†Troy Percival                                                 1st

Mike Piazza                        √                           3rd

Tim Raines                          √                          8th

Curt Schilling                                                  3rd

†Jason Schmidt                                                1st

†Gary Sheffield                                                1st

Lee Smith                                                        13th

†John Smoltz                      √                           1st

Sammy Sosa                                                     3rd

Alan Trammell                                               14th

Larry Walker                                                     5th

Tomorrow at 1pm we will find out how the BBWAA  voted  

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  1. Also, these four individuals belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame:
    Jim Kaat
    Tommy John
    Marvin Miller
    Dr Frank Jobe

    Why Marvin Miller and Dr Fank Jobe, because of their impact on the game…


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