Yankees’ Top Starting Pitchers Impress Girardi

Angels’ Albert Pujols prepared to ‘shut a lot of mouths’ this season

Feldman, pitchers face live hitters for first time

Jose Reyes: ‘I feel like I’m 100 percent and back to normal’

Matt Garza already making impression in clubhouse

D-backs’ young shortstops not fearing competition

Yasiel Puig too heavy in camp?

Spring training headlines gives us fans hope, and sometimes cause to worry…

Rodger Dean Stadium Jupiter FL www.ballparkprints.com
Rodger Dean Stadium Jupiter FL http://www.ballparkprints.com

I was drawn to photography at an early age by baseball through the images on the back pages of the Daily News, The New York Mirror and Ozzie Sweets photography. Today Bleacher Report has this wonderful link to my past, unpublished candid images  from Life  magazines files of Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and other New York Yankees spring training 1961…


Unpublished images Life Magazine New York Yankees Spring Training 1961
Unpublished images Life Magazine New York Yankees Spring Training 1961



Sitting on the Allegheny River, and the “New Pittsburgh” is beautiful PNC Park home to the rising Pittsburgh Pirates. This from a life long baseball fan who is also huge Yankees fan (grew-up in the shadow of Yankee Stadium) and is only haunted by one game, the 7th game of the 1960 World Series. If you are a Yankees fan, October 13, 1960 is nothing but heartache. No defeat for me hurts and stills hurts more than that one. Here are a few side notes, October 8th, 1960 was the first World Series game I attended, and for years sitting in an umbrella stand at my house was one of Bill Mazeroski’s game used bats from the 1960’s until I gave it to a neighbor who was from Pittsburgh.

Sitting on the Allegheny River  Pittsburgh Pa.
Sitting on the Allegheny River Pittsburgh Pa. http://www.ballparkprints.com

While reading Nationalpastime.com, this caught my eye.

2006 after deliberating for a little more than four hours, a jury rules the Angels did not breach a contract with the city of Anaheim when the ball club changed its name. Thirteen months ago the team known as the Anaheim Angels became the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim prompting the city where it plays to file a lawsuit, claiming the change in name amounted to at least $100 million in lost revenue. (http://www.nationalpastime.com/)

Then I wondered how many times the team located in Anaheim changed its name? A hundred years ago it was common practice for teams to change its name. Today it is the ballparks that are getting there names changed almost yearly. Listed below are the names the Angels have used, I like Anaheim Angles…

  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (808-650 W-L, 2005 – 2013) – 4 Playoff Appearances
  • Anaheim Angels (664-632 W-L, 1997 – 2004) – 1 World Championship, 1 Pennant, and 2 Playoff Appearances
  • California Angels (2440-2616 W-L, 1965 – 1996) – 3 Playoff Appearances
  • Los Angeles Angels (308-338 W-L, 1961 – 1964)
  • Overall (4220-4236 W-L, 1961 – 2013) – 1 World Championship, 1 Pennant, and 9 Playoff Appearances
  • From Baseball Reference

Earlier today I posted a link to Jayson Stark’s Blog on “Inching towards collision ban.more replay” little did I expect this announcement: MLB clubs unanimously approved expansion of instant replay. MajorLeague umps will serve as replay officials, who will make final call; All replays may be shown in-park…


Two stories from yesterday:

Manny Ramirez 41 wants to return to Major League Baseball:

http://shar.es/UnszN via @sharethis

 Johnny Damon 40 still has not closed the door on his Major League Baseball career:


http://shar.es/Unsur via @sharethis

Yankee Stadium 2008  www.ballparkprints.com
Yankee Stadium 2008

Starting off the new year one of my primary goals is to blog at least once a week. Not being a natural, fluid writer is the reason that I am putting this pressure on myself. Being a visual person my skills in art and photography afforded me a fantastic career and because of that my writing skills weakened. I mostly wrote business outlines, proposals, and short brief letters. But, my goal is also to share my photography and, the photography of Ozzie Sweet (that can be purchased at http://www.ballparkprints.com) of ballparks that I travel to and, the occasional brief comments on the greatest game in my opinion baseball, and other interest that I have. So bear with me as I start this new  journey in my life