Ozzie Sweet Images and Books

On this day in 1954 – Sports Illustrated, a magazine about everything sports – hits newsstands for the first time.
The late Ozzie Sweet, called the Babe Ruth of sports photography was the inspiration for many of the SI photographers.
Last Saturday I was at the New York City taping of Antiques Road Show with passes from Larry Canale who authored two books with Ozzie Sweet:



Over 13 years I have had many conversations and emails with Larry, but never met until last Saturday. He knew I had many of Ozzie’s images and said “I didn’t know you had that many! Theirs enough for another book.”

My project now is the schedule more time within and coming months to work on them. When Ozzie was alive, I also talked to him about photography and color of his images as he and Larry were never pleased with the color produced in the (wonderful) books.

Time is the greatest enemy to color transparency and color prints In technical terms the yellow layer of all color is a vegetable dye and fades, thus giving the purple color we all see.in old slides and family color prints. That is why storage and other archival techniques are so important. Digital has different issues, but prints I create are all made using archival inks and paper.
Enough tech talks!

Ozzie was also one of my inspirations that is why I pursued to buy his images and copyrights (another story for the future). On my website http://www.ballparkprints.com in galleries click on Classic Images for a sample of Ozzie Sweets images.


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