Revisiting My 2014 MLB Team Predictions Published Mar 30

I decided to revisit my season ” My 2012 MLB Team Predictions ” to see how I did. First think I notice that I got the AL East  completely wrong.  Next I also picked an extra team the Diamondbacks by mistake  in the NL West.  I was at many Florida spring training games this year and watched the teams is helpful. My research for the Arizona teams was TV, radio, and the internet.  Looking back over my predictions I have to say not unhappy. I also still stand by my World Series prediction, the Nationals.

AL East         AL Central    AL West

Yankees         Tigers             A’s

Rays#             Royals#          Angels#

Orioles           Indians           Rangers

Red Sox         White Sox       Mariners

Blue Jays       Twins              Astros


Royals over Angels Wild Card Game

Yankees, Rays ALDS winners

Rays over Yankees


National League

NL East        NL Central       NLWest

Nationals      Cardinals          Dodgers

Braves           Pirates#            Giants#

Marlins         Reds                  Diamondbacks#

Mets              Cubs                  Rockies

Phillies          Brewers             Padres


Pirates over Diamondbacks Wild Card Game

Nationals, Giants NLDS winners

Nationals over Giants 



2014 World Series

Nationals over Rays in 7 games



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