My Only Encounter With Willard Scott

Willard Scott was a legendary radio and TV personality who passed away on September 4, 2021.

Around ten years ago, we were with some friends one afternoon at The Breakers in Palm Beach for drinks as we were leaving incomes, Willard Scott, in his best cabana outfit. He approached the young receptions and made a reservation. She tells him they are booked up. He is staying at The Breakers. He’s not happy and starts playing the part of a celebrity. After a brief back and forth, he walks away without a reservation for dinner. I said do you know who he is, and she replied, no. I tell her that’s Willard Scott. She looked at me and said, who’s Willard Scott. I explain he’s a TV personality, Today show weatherman, etc. I get the blank look, and I never heard of him. I realize she is young, and I get it. Then It dawns on me, and I said he was the first Ronald Mac Donald Clown, and then she was impressed.

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