Spring Training and First Snowfall of 2022

Our last spring training road trip to Florida was from February to March 2020. That ended abruptly on March 15th, with the outbreak of COVID-19, with MLB canceling spring training. In 2021 we decided to stay home.

Today, January 7th, 2020, we were greeted with winter’s first significant snowfall. Up till today, except for a few days, the weather has been mild.

Looking out the window

Looking out the window and taking this picture of the snow reminded me of a famous quote.

In December, the MLB owners voted unanimously to enact a lockout upon the expiration of the 2016 collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ union. The MLB owners and MLB Players Association have yet to hold talks on resolving this current labor dispute.

Will there be a Spring Training 2022 or even a season?



  1. Yes there will be a Spring Training in 2022, even if it’s just Minor League. 🙂 As a Cubs fan that actually matters because so much of the team’s future isn’t on the 40 man roster right now. For those interested in traveling to Arizona or Florida for Spring Training that is something to keep in mind in case there is an altered Spring Training.

    On the MLB level I think that Spring Training will be delayed by about 2-3 weeks and then shortened by a week or so. That would put pitchers and catchers reporting around the start of March. Am I anywhere close to 100% on that prediction? No. I’d put my feeling on it at 75%.

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