San Francisco, Twitter, and Beer

I have been working on updating my website. As I reviewed files of shots in Adobe Lightroom, I got a little sidetracked. In the San Francisco files, I started reviewing images. As I looked at the files of San Francisco, it made me think how much I miss it.
Going through images, I came across a shot I took of a Bull Durham Tobacco ad. I selected at once for my first of three tweets on San Francisco.
Bull Durham was one of the most prominent advertisers of early baseball.

Bull Durham Ghost Ad On the Side of An Old Building. A Reminder Of Yesterday’s

On January 13th and 14th, I continued with additional shots of San Francisco.

How does beer fit into this? Yesterday while at the Fresh Market, I was pushing the cart pass the beer selection, and there it was a 6-pack of Anchor Steam Beer with new (to me) packaging. My head raced back to last weeks Tweets, about San Francisco. So it was a no-brainer, and I purchased the 6-pack.

I like beer, but I don’t drink much, and at home, I barely drink 6-beers in a year. But tonight, after putting dinner in the oven, I pulled a Anchor Steam from the fridge. My original intent was to text a cap photo to a friend. He collects them. The beer surprised me. It was smooth and tasted great.

Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco was just what I needed, a taste of San Francisco. Oh, as for the bottle cap, it’s not a twist-off.

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