The traffic light turns green does not mean you go. Check the traffic left and right, This is what I learned from dad while he was teaching me to drive -1964.

I have witnessed this, and I have also missed being like the car that was hit.

Daniel Craig’s ‘Macbeth’ Is a Modern, Bloody Broadway Puzzle, With Soup on the Side

In a convention-defying, sometimes puzzling “Macbeth” on Broadway starring Daniel Craig and an excellent Ruth Negga, the most powerful moments remain rooted in Shakespeare’s text.

When it comes to The Bard, my wife and I are apart. She is not a fan, and I am. To her credit, she goes with me to see Shakespeare. Knowing Macbeth, starring Daniel Graig, was coming to Broadway, I asked, “would you be interested in going?” I got a big fat NO! A Wednesday Matinee alone is looming in my future.
Moving on. I watched last night’s Yankees vs. Royals on Appel TV. The coverage was a new experience; I liked it. That aside, I would guess the streaming audience is small in my age group, 75+. My question is, is MLB chasing away the older diehard MLB fan, many of whom get their joy of baseball through cable TV?

Time management and motivation have been the enemy for a while, at least for me. I set up a workstation at home. Working from home was never my thing. I have an extensive archive of my photography and intellectual properties. Many will make it from the website to my Fine Art America page as images for sale, and many will not. But I still want to share them. The other factor is what to do with all those images. I am selling the 35mm, 2×2, and 4×5 film originals in an active eBay store:

Tigers Stadium September 16, 1961, Roger Maris Hitting His 57th Home Run.

Groundhog Day used to be a fun day between my brother-in-law and me. We were both movie buffs. On this day, we would trade messages referencing Ground Day from the news reports of did the groundhog see or not see his shadow too, the movie. Three years ago, just before sunrise and the groundhog, news reports, Bill passed away. It’s been three years now since I have seen Groundhog Day. Then again, I know how Phil Connors felt in the last two years.

Groundhog Day

I have been working on updating my website. As I reviewed files of shots in Adobe Lightroom, I got a little sidetracked. In the San Francisco files, I started reviewing images. As I looked at the files of San Francisco, it made me think how much I miss it.
Going through images, I came across a shot I took of a Bull Durham Tobacco ad. I selected at once for my first of three tweets on San Francisco.
Bull Durham was one of the most prominent advertisers of early baseball.

Bull Durham Ghost Ad On the Side of An Old Building. A Reminder Of Yesterday’s

On January 13th and 14th, I continued with additional shots of San Francisco.

How does beer fit into this? Yesterday while at the Fresh Market, I was pushing the cart pass the beer selection, and there it was a 6-pack of Anchor Steam Beer with new (to me) packaging. My head raced back to last weeks Tweets, about San Francisco. So it was a no-brainer, and I purchased the 6-pack.

I like beer, but I don’t drink much, and at home, I barely drink 6-beers in a year. But tonight, after putting dinner in the oven, I pulled a Anchor Steam from the fridge. My original intent was to text a cap photo to a friend. He collects them. The beer surprised me. It was smooth and tasted great.

Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco was just what I needed, a taste of San Francisco. Oh, as for the bottle cap, it’s not a twist-off.

Our last spring training road trip to Florida was from February to March 2020. That ended abruptly on March 15th, with the outbreak of COVID-19, with MLB canceling spring training. In 2021 we decided to stay home.

Today, January 7th, 2020, we were greeted with winter’s first significant snowfall. Up till today, except for a few days, the weather has been mild.

Looking out the window

Looking out the window and taking this picture of the snow reminded me of a famous quote.

In December, the MLB owners voted unanimously to enact a lockout upon the expiration of the 2016 collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ union. The MLB owners and MLB Players Association have yet to hold talks on resolving this current labor dispute.

Will there be a Spring Training 2022 or even a season?

Willard Scott was a legendary radio and TV personality who passed away on September 4, 2021.

Around ten years ago, we were with some friends one afternoon at The Breakers in Palm Beach for drinks as we were leaving incomes, Willard Scott, in his best cabana outfit. He approached the young receptions and made a reservation. She tells him they are booked up. He is staying at The Breakers. He’s not happy and starts playing the part of a celebrity. After a brief back and forth, he walks away without a reservation for dinner. I said do you know who he is, and she replied, no. I tell her that’s Willard Scott. She looked at me and said, who’s Willard Scott. I explain he’s a TV personality, Today show weatherman, etc. I get the blank look, and I never heard of him. I realize she is young, and I get it. Then It dawns on me, and I said he was the first Ronald Mac Donald Clown, and then she was impressed.

September 1, 1961, the Yankees, with a 1-1/2 game lead over the Detroit Tigers, were now going to face off for the first time since a one-day July 4 doubleheader. On that day, the Tigers held a 2-game lead over the Yankees. The Tigers won the first game, with the Yankees taking the second. Resulting in no change in the American League standing. For the next eight weeks, the heavy-hitting Tigers and Yankees keep pace with each other leading up to this first of a 3-game showdown.


September 1, 1961, Young Fans Hoping To Get Mickey Mantle’s Autograph, As Roger Maris Slips By.

Seeing these photos of young fans wanting to get an autograph brings up fond memories of days after school and weekends chasing down ballplayers arriving at Yankee Stadium before a game, asking them, please sign.

“Mantle, Maris and a Few Others Stir a Potpourri of Fan EmotionThe players arrived at Yankee Stadium last night in bright, new automobiles. Dozens of small boys rushed toward them and pleaded, like supplicants, for autographs or for some word, some recognition”.

Mickey Please Sign

Foot Notes: Main NY Times Article Written by, Robert L. Teague 1929-2013. Bob Teague joined WNBC-TV in New York in 1963 as one of the city’s first black television journalists and went on to work as a reporter, anchorman, and producer for more than three decades

Mantle, Maris and a Few Others Ítir a Potpourri of Fan Emotion Written by Gay Talese: Gay Talese -1932- is an American writer. As a journalist for The New York Times and Esquire magazine during the 1960s, Talese helped to define contemporary literary journalism. He’s written 15 books, most noted for Honor Thy Father 1971, and Frank Sinatra Has a Cold with Phil Stern.

The Negro Leagues East, West All-Star game was played at Yankee Stadium 60 years ago on August 20, 1961, and is considered by baseball historians the final game of the Negro Leagues.
It was an all-star contest of players selected from East and West teams. The Improved Benevolent Protected Order of Elks sponsored the game, which was having its national convention in New York. More than 30,000 members attended the convention, only 7,245 fans were at the game.

The New York Times August 20, 1961
Tne New York Time August 21, 1961

Through the New York Times —Time Machine archives, I have been re-telling that season on my Twitter page.
On August 14, 1961, John Drebinger, The Sports Of The Times, wrote of the Negro League All-Star game coming to Yankee Stadium on August 20. The players will be selected from the last four Negro American League teams. The last four teams are the Kansas City Monarchs, Detroit Stars, Birmingham Black Barons, and Raleigh Tigers. They play everywhere, keep old minor league ballparks alive.
Discovering Negro League All-Star scheduled game at Yankee Stadium was the last Nergo League game played, I searched through Google and Newspaper Archives for additional information about the All-Star game, to no avail.

The New York Times August 14, 1961

Leading up to the All-Star game The New York Times published Satchel Paige interview on pitching to hitters. Some who ate very famous

The New York Times August 17, 1961

Note: This was originally scheduled to post August 20, 2021. Do to an unforseen event I was not able to meet that schedule. Paul Plaine