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  1. Last week I posted a link to The New York Times article “Up Close on Baseball’s Borders” http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/23/upshot/24-upshot-baseball.html?hp

    On my https://www.facebook.com/ballparkprints?ref=hl page I posted the article and it was seen by 8,956 people with only 2 Mets fans commenting on the article back to me. I did email one of the writers of the article, but never heard back….

    The data was collected from Facebook based on “What sports teams do you like” and using their ZIP codes, in creating a detail interactive map. Living in the NYC area I was surprised that the Mets did not have the majority in any ZIP code within NYC or surrounding area or New York State…

    The Oakland A’s did not fair well either, and maybe are worst off as they are looking for a stadium deal in California.

    I believe the Mets also are shocked by the data……


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